Sherlyn L. Winthrop

Sherlyn retired last year from the Pinellas County (Florida) Tax Collector's office after 32 years of service. The majority of her tenure involved processing motor vehicle titles and registrations for area dealerships. She was a Dealer Dept. Supervisor for 15 years and the last 8-9 years of her career she was a Lead Tax Specialist and Audit Manager at the PCTC's call center. During that time she supervised and managed various functions, including reconciling funds, screening title work for accuracy and submitting documents collected from area dealers participating in the DMV's EFS program.

Diane Partelo

Diane is a self-taught title clerk while working for her husband's dealership for two years. She also worked in the background of the dealership for over 10 years. Customer service is her top priority. In Diane's own words: "My history dealing with independent dealers has enabled me to understand the processes of completing needed paperwork from a different standpoint. I understand dealers' frustrations and do everything I can to meet and exceed dealers' needs." Diane has been part of the TAP team since Feb. 2012. She provides great value to the operation and excellent service to dealers.


Stacey is our newest member to the team! Before working with our company, she maintained the Accounts Payable & Receivable position at St. Pete Powersports for 4 years. Due to an unexpected health issue, she had to take over the tag & title work for the business. In just two short weeks she was taught and learned the basics, but her quick ability to learn and adapt has molded her into a very informational and helpful part of our team. Her determination to make every transaction work & her attention to customer needs are two qualities that help her provide excellent service to our customers.


Kristy has worked with the public and auto dealers for almost 20 years. Having started in the towing industry processing claims, she moved onto working as a title clerk. Providing excellent customer service and meeting dealer's needs are her top priority. Kristy processes titles and registrations with TAP and is excited to be part of the TAP team!